A List Filled with 25 Things I’ve Learned and am Excited For

In celebration of turning 25, I thought It’d be fun to talk about something light hearted and not about community growth or hustle for once!

Almost everyone over 25 keeps telling me that it goes downhill after 25, but my dad tells me that I am incredibly young and have so much time left, so I’m going to go with that haha. I’m also the type to be oddly optimistic, especially when the odds are not in my favor, I don’t know if I’m born like this or I get it from my dad, probably from my dad. But I want to list a few things I’ve learned, but to add a little twist list things I’ll add five things I’m excited about for the future. I’m going to list some lessons I’ve learned as a young child, to adolescent and adulthood, then I will list 5 things I am excited about.

…Let’s begin!

1. Hide food from my siblings

I grew up with three siblings, we are all savages and ate A LOT. So as a kid, I learned to hide my food in secret hiding spots so they don’t eat it all! It worked

2. When my classmates bullied me, it really wasn’t about me it was about them

I grew up in a predominately white neighbourhood and school, so I was teased a lot with lame Asian racist jokes. However, I realized that it didn’t really have anything to do with me, it’s that white folks never really seen Asians and their parents probably didn’t teach them how to interact with coloured people. As a result, I never really got offended or sad about this

3. I loved my chaotic household

Growing up with 3 siblings meant that the house was extra chaotic, but I had a lot of fun, a lot of fights and a fascinating childhood that I would not change at all.

4. High school isn’t really the shit movies and TVs make it out to be

To be honest, high school was such a blur, I don’t know if it’s because I was extra introverted, but I never cared about high school. I was such a loner and had like 3 friends. I thought high school would be this magical self-developing time in my life, but it really wasn’t. I just was the quiet kid in the corner.

5. Dating is over-rated

Growing up, I never really cared to have a boyfriend. It could be because of how severely introverted and shy I was, but up until University, I never talked to a boy, kissed a boy or even dated a boy.

6. Take your time and think before you invest A LOT of money.

I wanted to take a fifth year, but feared what my dad would have thought because he didn’t believe in fifth year. As a result, I rushed into University, went into a field I didn’t love, flunked out and went back to school for a field I enjoyed. Take your time kids, instead of rushing into things and wasting money.

7. I found a lot of new and amazing forever friends from University

I grew a lot during my University years, came out of my shell, rebelled, partied and met a lot of amazing people. I also studied too haha. Some of the people I met became my forever friends!

8. Tests and assignments don’t determine my success/skills

I used to think tests and assignments determined my entire life, now that I graduated I realised that they meant nothing and I barely use what I learned at my day job. Tests and assignments are just temporary and do NOT determine how successful you become.

9. University is not the magic key to unlock your career dreams

Getting a piece of paper will not get you that amazing job with a beautiful salary, oh no no no. On top of the nice piece of paper, if you got one, it’s who you know, your experience, and getting your foot in the door that will land you a job.

10. Post-graduation isn’t as amazing as I thought

I graduated with HONORS, got a job in my FIELD, TRAVELED to three different countries and living my BEST LIFE, but why didn’t it feel like it? It’s because I realised I didn’t love my job, that I worked so hard for in the past 5 to 6 years. Then comes in more self-developing journey that led me to the amazing growing A.N.Y.thing community!

11. CRAP, I’ve got to become an adult now…or at least try to

Ugh… bills, bills, bills. Now that I graduated, I’ve got to find a way to pay back student loan and it’s a BIETCH. Man, adulating isn’t that amazing, take me back to when I was 10 please and thanks.

12. I liked being single, I liked being alone, but I also enjoy being in a relationship with the RIGHT person

People think I’m crazy when I say I enjoyed being single, it was fun. I liked being alone, I liked talking to guys with no strings or expectations, just had a jolly good time. But then I met the person who I absolutely ADORE and now I love being in a relationship! You can have it both ways, doesn’t have to be one or the other. I also believe you should be okay to be alone before hopping into a relationship, but that’s just me!

13. I’m grateful to be alive and living in a safe country

I am incredibly grateful to be alive, to be living in a country where I don’t have to worry about my safety. I’m so incredibly lucky that I am able to go after my dreams without fearing for my life. That’s why I am going after what I want no matter what, I appreciate what I have and not what I don’t have.

14. I’m young as fuck

Prior to turning 25, I thought I was getting old because everyone told me that it goes downhill from 25. However, my dad told me I’m incredibly young, thus I changed my mindset and am really excited to age. It’s all mindset love. No matter what age you are, if you feel young then you are YOUNG and if you feel old then you are OLD.

15. No one has their shit together and if they do, they’re lying

For the longest time since graduating, I’ve stressed about getting my life together that it led me to a downhill spiral of depression. I was depressed for 3-4 months because I didn’t like my day job, the plan I initially had didn’t go well, and I don’t have my life together. I spent those four months in bed doing nothing, I cried on a weekly basis and took it out on my boyfriend and friends. However, after starting the A.N.Y.thing community I realised that no one has their life together, they are just figuring it out as they go and this changed my outlook on life.

16. Ugh, everything my dad told me when I was young and rolled my eyes to…he was RIGHT about almost everything.

Growing up, my dad always gave us mini lessons/lectures about life and they would be about an HOUR long. As a kid, I naturally did not want to be there and just wanted to watch TV, but now that I am older, I realised that almost everything he taught my siblings and I on… he was RIGHT. Go figure, eh?

17. I can do nothing right for the next 5-10 years and still be young and okay

I’m starting to accept that I am YOUNG, no matter what my friends think, I believe life is going to go uphill from 25! I watched this one GaryVee video where he was talking with 22-year-old about life, and said something along these lines, “you can do everything wrong for the next ten years and you will still be young and okay”. This really hit me and changed my outlook on my age, I. AM. YOUNG.

18. It’s time to go after what I want, not what other people expect

Growing up, I was always so worried about other people’s opinions that I never talked. I was severely shy and quiet to the point no one really knew what I sounded like because I never talked. I cared so much about other people’s opinions that I never really went after what I WANTED. Since University, I got out of my shy shell, started to do what I wanted and didn’t care for other people’s opinions. And here I am.

19. Other people’s opinions don’t matter

Nope, they really don’t. As I keep on choosing what I wanted I began caring less and less about what people thought about me. I’m human and still do care about what people think, but I don’t let is faze me.

20. It’s time for me to take the most risks I can before I have kids, rent to pay and become a real adult

Honestly, this is the time where I can take the most risks before I become a true adult with kids, rent and even more bills. Let’s Go!!

…OKAY! Time for things I’m excited for!!

21. Excited to see A.N.Y.thing community GROW

As I engage with my community and talk to you in the DMs, it gets me excited to see this community grow! Y’all really inspire me ❤

22. Looking forward to making stupid mistakes, epic fails and learning from them.

I know “success” won’t be easy, it will take one year, 5 years and maybe 10 years. However, I’m ready to fall flat on my face, make stupid mistakes and GROW!! While at the same tikme documenting all of this!

23. I’m going to do things that scare me in business

I always talk about leaning into things that are uncomfortable or you’re scared of, so for myself, its showing up on camera. In the near future, I plan on filming IGTV’s or YouTube videos, I know I’ll be terrified AF, but it will help me grow as a person and this community.  

24. I’m excited to connect and inspire more people

As the A.N.Y.thing community grows, I get really excited to connect with more like minded people, inspire a little bit and grow as a community!

25. See you next year 26

2020 is 6 months away and in a year I will be 26. I am so excited to see where this next year will take me, see what goals I will achieve and make as I keep growing.

Take Away

No matter what, if you feel young then you are YOUNG.

Go after what YOU want, you only have one life.

Do things that SCARE you because on the other side of FEAR is BEAUTY.