Hey, what is up, my name’s Anna and I’m going to talk about how you can go viral on TikTok. Don’t worry, it does not involve you dancing or lip syncing.

Before you read on! Remember to use Hashtags, I’m not going to go into detail because hashtags are generally self-explanatory. Some adive, use hashtags that relate to the video and use #fyp or #foryou or #foryoupage. That’s one of the ways to hit the for you page.

Okay now into the article!

  1. Know what audience you are catering to

When you are creating a TikTok, know what audience you want to cater to, this means your videos have to be specific, but not too specific where it doesn’t cater to anyone.

You want to cater to an audience because you are creating content that audience will like and engage with. In addition, that audience generally hangs out with people similar to them, as a result, they will share your content to them as well.

Here, I am targeting people who drive cars that are older than 10 years old in 2020. This video is specific enough that a lot of people can relate to it, but not too specific where no one can relate to it. 

There are a lot of people who have cars older than 2020 and are proud of it. Furthermore, they will also share it with their family and friends too. A lot of people either drive a car older than 10 years or know someone who does and they will share this video to those people.

Some other examples, I see many people targeting people in their 30s who are on tik tok and they create funny videos around this group of people or selling real estate, they use popular songs to show the properties they’re selling. There are so many types of audiences you can cater to. 

  1. Put your own twist on a trend

What’s great with TikTok is that if you see a trend, you can put your own twist to it and that TikTok will still perform well.

As you can see here, my first TikTok was on October 1, 2019, I posted a few times, but never got any traction.

I wasn’t serious about TikTok either, but I wanted to study it and figure it out. I noticed that people who put their own twist to a trend, do better than people who just follow a trend. 

For example, in my iPhone 6 TikTok, I got this idea when I saw it on my for you page and created it. I didn’t add anything to make the TikTok different, but it still got views and engagement, because I followed a popular trend and this will happen when you follow a trend.

However, in my car video, I put my own twist to that trend, this video blew up and I received a lot of engagement. I put my own twist on a trend and blew up.

This is because that trend has already proven to work, so if you put your own twist, people will engage with it more because they know that trend and you made it different, as a result people will engage with it.. 

This is a proven concept in everyday business, people will put their own twist to what’s already proven to success, for example Coke and Pepsi. 

  1. Be authentic

Okay, I know this is super cliche, but it’s true, you have to be authentic, it can’t seem fake, or come off as if you are just doing it for the views, there are videos like that, they follow a trend and it seems as though it’s not a right fit for their persona.

It really has to be authentic to you and this is how you will gain followers, it’s nice to get views and likes, but if you really want the followers, you have got to be authentic to yourself.

I will talk about gaining followers in a future video, but you have to sell that video and make it believable that you wanted to make this video, not just for the views or likes. 

  1. Good lighting and audio helps

Good lighting and audio is not essential, but it does help. My videos don’t have greatest lighting or quality since my phone is pretty old, however, you can still see me and consume the content without struggling. Audio is also very important, you don’t need the best phone to have good audio, as long as we can hear you and not struggle that’s enough. 

As long as the audience is not struggling to watch or listen to your content you are okay, since tik tok is a very fast app, you have literally a second or even a split second to capture the audience’s attention, which is why lighting and audio matters. 


I hope this article helps you with going viral on tik tok, have fun with it, tik tok is honestly really fun to create content because there is so much creativity. I hope you have a great day!!

The Coronavirus Canceled my Job

Soooo…. Due to the coronavirus, Ontario is in a state of emergency and almost all stores with a door are closed. There are exceptions of course such as gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals and some restaurants are offering takeout. 

However, a majority of people have been laid off for at least two weeks. At the moment it seems that the return date is April 6, but if the situation gets worse, it’s up for debate to remain closed longer. 

I will add a link that will go into this in more detail because this article is not going into the closure, the recession or social distancing. This article will go into detail how being laid off for at least two weeks will affect someone who lives paycheque to paycheque and can’t afford to “self -quarantine” or have the privilege to “work from home”. 

I’m going to outline what my plans are for the next few weeks, if I am getting another job? Will I stop Youtube and content creation? And how this scenario has made me become really grateful as well. 


Hey what is up my name is Anna and I create content around social media, marketing and document it on the way while working a 9-5 but that last part might be on pause until I get my job back or find another job during this coronavirus outbreak. 

For those who may not know, I am covering maternity leave and I have a 1 year contract as a receptionist. Prior to this year, I was studying and working to become a social worker, long story short I didn’t want that and currently switching to digital marketing. I am using this year to dive into the marketing and online space and pursue a career in digital marketing. 

Since I am not making any money online, I needed a day job and that was the receptionist job. But, due to the coronavirus, my job is temporarily canceled until March 29th and so are many other people, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and many more are closing down or only offering drive thru and take out services. 

So what does this mean for someone who lives paycheque to paycheque. I’m going to dive into that.

I currently live in Ontario Canada and can apply to EI. EI is employment insurance, my boss is currently writing up my ROI so I can go online and apply for it. This means that I will get paid roughly 55% of my income.

If we do the math, 55% of $2000 is roughly $1100 and that is just enough for my expenses, I will get roughly $1000 a month, if this goes on for a month. If you’d like to know exactly what my expenses are I made a March Budget and went over my expenses. But in short, my expenses are roughly $1000 a month, so money is a bit tight over here. 

Next up, will I get another job? 

It honestly depends, because at the moment we aren’t opening until March 29th, but if the situation worsens and the government decides to remain closed, I might be looking for another job, however it’s going to be tough because so many businesses and stores are closing, so no one’s really looking to hire. 

It all depends how things go at my current job. If I can go back to my job, then of course I won’t need another job, but if I am jobless for more than 2 months, I will probably look for another job part-time, something like working at a coffee shop or grocery store, until I can go back to work. 

A lot of people don’t have the luxury or privilege to “work from home”

Yes, money is really tight for me right now, but I don’t have kids or any dependents and I live at home. Many parents work manual jobs, have kids, they have mouths to feed, they need to provide a roof over their families heads and so on. I know I’m not the only one who lives paycheque to paycheque and this is going to hit them hard because who knows how much longer we have to practice social distancing, so I really feel for parents. 

I saw this tik tok clip saying (this is not the exact quote but the account’s name is: @aishimations ) she said something along these lines, “self-quarantine is a privilege, it’s for people who can afford to not work or work from home, where as there are parents who work manual labor and can’t work from home”

Many parents work in manual labor and can’t afford self-quarantine, so it definitely is a privilege to be able to self-quarantine or work from home. But if parents are forced to self-quarantine it’s going to be really tough for them.

Yes, I know social distancing is what’s best to not spread the virus, but it’s also really difficult for a lot of working people to not have money coming in and just sitting at home waiting to go back to work.

Another question is, am I going to continue to pursue youtube? 

YES, at the moment youtube does not really require any income on my end, so with this time off I’m going to put even more effort into my side hustle, since I will be living off employment insurance and have all this time. 

This is the plus side to being laid off I guess, I can spend all my time creating content, getting better and researching more into digital marketing and social media.

As long as my bills are getting paid and I have some food I’ll be okay, it’s like that garyvee clip “eat shit and pump out content” so that’s the plus side I’m living bare minimum, but putting 100% into my side hustle. 

Lastly, I am really grateful for everything I have right now

The coronavirus situation made me really think about how grateful I am for the life I have. I’m really grateful that I can live with my dad and only pay utilities instead of rent, because if I had lost my job, there is no way I could afford rent. I’m really really lucky and blessed for that. 

I’m also lucky enough to be healthy, to be in the age range where if I get the coronavirus I most likely won’t die from it. 

Also it puts a lot of things into perspective, during this time, even though I lost my job and money is tight, I still want to pursue my online career more than ever and I know this is what I want 100%.

I’m going to use this time to be grateful for my life, my health, my family and go all in on my online side hustle! 

Lastly, if you are worried about the coronavirus, your job or family, I’m not going to say don’t worry because we all do, however know that when things go bad, it eventually will go up, but it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but it will get better!! 

Hang in there!!

Anna ❤

How to Wake Up Early and Actually Like It

Growing up I wasn’t really a morning person, but last year I decided to wake up at 6am because I wanted to work on my side hustle before my day job, in addition to already working on it after my day job. I realized I was able to maximize my time,  be more productive and I actually really liked it.

My day job hours differ everyday and on the later days, I go to the gym in the morning, that way I get to my weights without having to wait for them, my workouts go a lot quicker because it’s not as busy in the morning as it is in the evening and I get it done and over with.

If you’re thinking about waking up early to be more productive, here are 9 tips on how to wake up early and actually like it. 

  1. What’s your WHY for waking up early 

The reason I didn’t wake up early was because I didn’t have a reason to, there was no point and that’s why I wasn’t a morning person. 

But when I started to work on my side hustle I wanted to be more productive with my time because I want to turn my side hustle into a full time job, I also wanted to go to the gym in the morning, it’s less busy and I get it done and over with. 

My why’s for waking up early convinced me to wake up at 6am, I am now a lot more productive, I get more work done and I am going to the gym more consistently.

  1. Have something you enjoy in the morning, almost like a reward

This could be your morning coffee, a good breakfast, a good book. Save something you enjoy for the morning, this will make mornings a lot more pleasing. When I wake up, I can’t wait to have my coffee, and this gets me out of bed excited for the day.

  1. Go on your phone for 10 minutes max 

I see a lot of people recommend buying an alarm and placing it across the room, that way, when you turn it off you are already out of bed. This does work for some people, but it doesn’t work for me. 

I’ve tried this before and it did not work at all. When I tried that strategy, I found when I got out of bed to turn off my alarm, I went right back to bed because I was still so tired, my brain was not awake or ready to leave my bed.

Instead, when I wake up, I scroll on my phone for about 10 minutes, this allows my brain to wake up and get out of bed. You can either scroll on Instagram, play a little game or let a youtube video play in the background, this will give you brain time to wake up and get you out of bed. 

  1. Wake up early means sleeping early 

This is obvious, but if you want to wake up early, you have got to sleep early, if you want to actually enjoy waking up early and be productive. If you are sleeping late at 2am and waking up at 6am, it doesn’t matter what the past tips I or anyone else gives you, you will hate waking up early, you need your 7-8 hours of sleep to be productive, unless you’re a lucky bum and can function on less than 7 hours of sleep everyday, then have at it, but most of us need 7-8 hours of sleep.

Find out how many hours of sleep you need, usually 7-8 hours and subtract that from the time you want to wake up. I like waking up at 6am and require 7 hours of sleep, as a result I sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 6am, to get my full 7 hours. 

  1. Take baby steps

During university, whenever I had 8am classes I skipped them all the time, unless I had a test. I lost 10% participation marks all the time. I was never a morning person and was the type to stay up until 2 am and wake up at 10am.

However, when I decided to wake up early, I took baby steps. I slept 30 minutes earlier and woke up 30 minutes earlier, when I got used to that time, I continued to sleep 30 minutes earlier and woke up 30 minutes earlier. I did this until I found my sweet spot which was, sleep from 11pm to 6am. This took 6 months to perfect, but it’s worth it and I love waking up early now.

  1. Rack in the benefits 

You’ve probably heard this before, but one of the benefits of waking up early is that no one else is awake, you’re more productive and it’s true. No one is texting you, sending you memes, family members or roommates aren’t coming in your room to eat or talk. It’s literally me myself and I and it’s really nice. 

  1. It takes sacrifices 

The reason I slept so late before was because I would go out all the time, when you and your friends don’t have kids,  your schedule is a lot more flexible, we’re able to go get drinks on a weeknight vs. the weekend. 

However, if you choose to sleep early and wake up early, your social life will be affected. I was okay with letting go a bit of my social life because I needed to save money. AS a result, sleeping early saved me money and time to focus on building my side hustle, so that was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

  1. Plan your day the night before 

Planning your day really helps you to be productive. I use google calendar to plan out my day and I live by it. 

This helps me keep my sleep schedule on track and plan out my day. I put in my google calendar when I need to get ready for bed and when I should wake up. Then I will plan out my day accordingly, when I work, when I work on my side hustle, when I’m hanging out with friends, family or my boyfriend. Everything. 

This way I’m not wasting time thinking about what to do, I already know and take action.

Before work routine
After work routine
  1. Keep it consistent. 

Waking up early is no joke, it takes commitment and effort. But, if you maintain a consistent sleep schedule, you will find it a lot easier waking up early, since your body is consistently getting the needed 7-8 hours of sleep. Now, you don’t have to keep a strict routine 7 days a week, but have a good routine for at least 5 days a week.

I tend to stay up a little later on the weekends and wake up a little later, but because I am consistent from Monday to Friday at sleeping from 11pm to 6am, going back to that routine after the weekend isn’t too hard. 

However, If I break my routine for more than a week, it’s a struggle to get back to my normal sleep routine. For example, when my work decided to take a week break for the holidays, I took a one week break from my side hustle too. I went on a 1 week break and slept at 5am and woke up at 12pm everyday, it was crazy. I caught up with friends, I watched movies and life took over. When I went back to work, it was brutal, I had to drink two coffee’s everyday and even two coffee’s didn’t even help the first week, it took 2 weeks to get back to my usual sleep schedule. Now I am so happy my schedule is back to normal.


At the end of the day, if you find you’re a morning person, you’ll find it’s worth waking up early

Once I decided to wake up at 6am, I turned into a morning person, I find that it’s so worth waking up early and love it. 

However, there are some people who are just night owls and that works for them. My boyfriend is an extreme night owl, he’s up until 6am and sleeps until 2-3 pm, I also want to note he’s also a student and doesn’t work a usual 9-5. But, he finds he is more productive during the night than the day and that’s fine.

That’s why I say if you find that you love waking up early you will find it totally worth it and enjoy waking up early. And if you’re interested in waking up early, which is probably why you’re here,  give these tips a try! Maybe you’ll convert to become an early morning person.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on LinkedIn

Instagram and Facebook organic growth isn’t dead, yet. As many business owners, content creators, influencers, and anyone trying to make money off these platforms are frustrated about how their engagement has been dropping significantly in the past year, ever since the new Instagram algorithm changed. 

For a lot of people on these platforms, it’s their main source of income, so of course they are frustrated. However, these platforms are also business’ and at the end of the day, their end goal is to make money.

If you’re looking for organic growth and don’t want to pay for ads, LinkedIn is your best hope.

Lately, LinkedIn has been moving towards a content creation platform. What once used to be a spot to look for jobs, still is, is now a space to create content and their organic growth is staggering. 

From LinkedIns “Your Organic + Paid Playbook”

For the past couple of months, I have been testing different types of content on LinkedIn and I don’t have any followers at all. The content I post on LinkedIn varies from articles, video and pictures. With not following, I get at least 30 to 40 views for each post and one even received over 100 views. But some of my posts’ weren’t getting these results and I’ll explain why. 

  1. LinkedIn is moving towards a content creation platform and here’s the proof

LinkedIn started in 2003 as a very conservative platform, it was a place to expand your resume and cover letter beyond 2 – 5 pages. It wasn’t a place to share content or learn something new, you went on it to find jobs or people to hire. 

However, over the past couple years LinkedIn has been moving towards content creation, still a conservative website, but surely expanding. When you go on their website, you see different forms of content, from photos, articles, video’s and you can like, comment and share, sound familiar? Some people even think it’s starting to look like Facebook, but for business. 

There is even a playbook for organic and paid growth on LinkedIn, where a majority of my information is coming from. So, if you haven’t hopped on the train, hop on now, so you can get in early and reep the benefits. 

Now, let’s get into how you can grow organically on LinkedIn.

  1. Consistency is Key 

A lot of creators are familiar with this concept, posting consistently often brings in better engagement and organic growth. However, lately with Instagram, no matter what you do to please the instagram algorithm gods for organic growth, they somehow shoot you down. 

But, on LinkedIn the algorithm gods reward you, it’s in their “Your Organic + Paid Playbook” I believe I received this in an email when I signed up for LinkedIn, but I’m sure you can find it on their website, this is what it looks like for those who are interested.

Taken from the playbook, you can see that LinkedIn wants you to post at least once a day, you will get better reachability and engagement. 

When I first got on LinkedIn, 5 months ago, I repurposed my articles from my blog on to LinkedIn and the first article got 31 views! For the next couple weeks, I repurposed my blogs again on LinkedIn and my views increased. However, I ended up sleeping on LinkedIn and didn’t post until a couple months later. 

After not posting for a couple months, I went back to LinkedIn, wrote an article on LinkedIn and my reach was not good. The two articles received 4 or 5 views. The algorithm gods were mad at me and it showed. 

As I kept on posting on LinkedIn consistently, my views increased. One article received over 100 views and is still growing, and now I post every day. The content I post is always repurposed content from other platforms such as Instagram photos, YouTube videos, or articles from my website. 

  1. LinkedIn is a great place to repurpose your content 

If you’re not new to the content space, you probably are making tons of content on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Blog/Articles etc. and you know that to grow one platform it takes another platform and LinkedIn is an amazing place to post content from other platforms.

In fact, when you repurpose your content from other platforms with a link, it does better. 

I noticed this with my LinkedIn page, but you might find different results, it doesn’t hurt to test it out. When I wrote articles on LinkedIn versus posting a link, I found that it did not receive a high reach, in addition to not posting consistently. But, as I posted more consistently and added a link my article reached over 100 views, when on average I get from 30 to 40 views. As a result, LinkedIn is a great platform to repurpose your content, this is where I get many of my views on YouTube.

  1. You got the facts, now take action and get in early

Now that you know that LinkedIn is on its way to being a platform for content creation, that if you do what the LinkedIn algorithm gods want you to do, you will be rewarded, unlike other platforms *cough* Instagram and Facebook *cough*. 

Before the LinkedIn algorithm becomes like Instagrams, get in on LinkedIn NOW. Do not wait for the next big thing, this is the next big thing. Whether you’re already creating content now or not, start creating content for LinkedIn before they move heavily into paid growth and you’re complaining about how unfair the algorithm is. 

How to Grow on Instagram Organically in 2020

Although it is on the decline, organic growth on instagram is not dead, just yet. If you wish to grow organically on Instagram in 2020, it’s not too late, but it will take a different approach and mindset and I have some steps to help you with that.

The reason I say that growing organically on Instagram will take a mindset shift is because tips and tricks just isn’t enough when it comes to organic growth on Instagram, especially with the algorithmic change and Instagram removing likes. 

Also, people are just way smarter these days, can detect bs when they see it and run away. Here are some tips to help you grow organically on Instagram in 2020.

  1. Actually genuinely care about the people on the platform

This mindset tip will help with the next tip. When I say actually care about the people on the platform, I mean try to understand people from their perspective. 

Stop thinking about yourself and your wants for a moment, think about what people are going through by reading their comments and empathizing with them, celebrate them, understand them.

When you start doing this, you stop thinking about people as just numbers and as actual people. Again, this sounds obvious, but when I help people with social media growth I hear “how do I gain followers” or “ how do I get my followers to engage or share my posts” it feels as though they see followers as a number to get to where they want, it’s selfish and why they can’t grow on Instagram.

  1. Leave a meaningful comment, without promoting yourself. 

This tip is a banger, this got me from 0 to 500 followers in 5 months organically. Now that you are equipped with the right mindset, let’s talk action.

What you want to do is go to the explore page, type a relevant hashtag to your brand, then click on the “recent” tab and leave  meaningful comments. Read every caption, short or long, read it and respond to that caption WITHOUT promoting your own page.

Do not say:

  • Follow for a follow 
  • Like for a like
  • Check out my page for promo
  • Follow for a discount 

Do not write any spammy or sleazy comments because this will automatically make the person dislike you. 

By leaving a meaningful comment that’s all about the person, this will peak that person’s interest and will think “oh who is this”, they will click on your page and look at your posts’. You will gain so much profile visits and if the person likes you, they will follow you. 

  1. Be Grateful AF that that a stranger is following you on Instagram vs the billions of other strangers on the platform 

This tip is practicing being grateful and realizing that your followers chose to follow you out of the billions of accounts on Instagram. According to Statista, there are 1 billion users on Instagram, which is insane.

This mindset is useful for the next tip I’m going to share, but before we get into the next tip, let’s relish in being grateful for the followers you have now, instead of wishing for more followers. 

Your followers are people, they aren’t just numbers, they aren’t dollar signs and I know this is obvious, but sometimes, the obvious facts go over our heads. 

  1. It goes down in the DM’s

Remember when comments were all the hype, the more comments your posts’ get, the higher the chances of your post hitting the explore page and it’s still a valid tip. However, as Instagram is moving away from likes, artificial relationships and towards more meaningful engagement, DM’s is your best friend. 

DM’s are important because it’s a deeper way to connect with your followers, fans, community tribe etc. This is where you can create meaningful engagement and Instagram will take note of this. 

The more meaningful engagement you build, the more the algorithm will favor you, then your followers will be able to engage with your posts’ even more and have a higher chance of hitting the explore page. 

After someone follows you from my last tip, you can hit them up with a little introduction about your brand, yourself, or platform. Again, do not PROMOTE yourself at all, do not promote your products or services, just have a genuine conversation to get to know that person.

Another powerful reason you should use DM’s to your advantage is because when you build meaningful relationships, your followers will want to share your content more because they know, like, and trust you.

DM’s are powerful, don’t forget that.

  1. Story Collabs 

Story collabs are a great way to grow on Instagram. If you have an instagram bestie, DM them to see if they’d like to collab. What you will want to do is pre-record a video about giving tips in your niche/category, then swap with your insta bestie and share it on your story.

This will allow you to reach an entire new audience, have them get to know you, check you out and follow you, if they like what they see. People are more likely to warm up to you this way because they know, like and trust your insta bestie and thus, your barrier of entry is a lot easier. 

Take away:

Give a sh*t about the people on the platform and build meaningful relationships in order to get that juicy organic growth and algorithmic favor.


A lot of us worry about followers, how to gain followers, how to gain 10k followers or 1M followers and sometimes I do too. But, worrying about gaining followers is the worst way to grow because people are extremely smart these days. People have endless options and If they don’t like you, there’s another 10 accounts similar to you that they will like.

Then, how do you grow followers without looking sleazy? 

You build a COMMUNITY.

Everyone wants to grow on social media, in business and life. But, if you come off as sleazy and non – genuine. people will run away. 

Now, what is community? We hear this word a lot, it’s the new “viral” word in business. 

My community, this community, build a community, it’s everywhere in business lingo. 

The definition of a “ community” by Merriam Webster  is “ a group of people who have the same interests, religion, race, etc. living in a particular area.”

So, why is this word so important in business GROWTH? 

It’s because human beings desire human connection, we all want to feel included, have support and talk with like minded people. If you can build a community, you will have a strong core in your business.

These days, consumers are smarter than ever because they can sense when someone is sleazy, they also have google as their sidekick to research other options and will sense or even call you out on your bs.

Also, we have more options than ever before, from food, to clothing, to makeup, to people we follow we have endless options. So when people choose something, there’s a particular reason that resonates with them to convert them from window shopper to paying customers. 

For example, I buy from Sephora because they have a lot of options for my skin tone and skin type, not just Caucasian, I follow more asian influencers vs. Caucasian because I am asian and I resonate with asian influencers more than Caucasian influencers. 

When you look at the definition, community, it’s a group of people with similar interests’, which are a business’ care customer base, a business’ main demographic will most likely have similar interests.

So, how do you build a community? 

Community is more than people with similar interests in one location, it’s also bringing them together, creating a space where they feel like they know one another, where people genuinely care for them, they want to get to know you and know that there is no ulterior motive, people are just genuinely interested. 

To build a community, you have to take that extra step to say hi or send a nice message with no CTA. Because if you open with a CTA, people will think you just want to sell or a follow and are instantly turned off.

For example, you’re on a date and the first thing you ask them is to pay the bill…umm, no thanks. But, that’s what a lot of people will do, they will message people to follow them, they will message people to buy from them, they don’t even take the time to build a relationship and community. 

Building a community is fostering relationships and finding a way to bring them together and make it more interactive. For ex. You can say hi to every new follower, engage with their content and build a relationship. Once you have a few good relationships, create a facebook group and put them in one group, then you can do lives or calls and take it from there. 

You can also listen to your community, listen to their inputs, their comments, their critiques, etc. instead of doing what you think will do well, this is how you show you care about your community, you care about their opinions and want to make sure they’re happy. 

Next time you message someone, think about them instead of yourself. Think about how you can bring them value, think about how to build a genuine relationship and stop letting them know “ if you need any help with ____ feel free to message me” those messages are SO annoying.

If you’d like more info, check out this youtube video haha, but if you don’t worry about it, no pressure! Also, feel free to reach out if you’d like to chit chat a bit more 😉