Instagram and Facebook organic growth isn’t dead, yet. As many business owners, content creators, influencers, and anyone trying to make money off these platforms are frustrated about how their engagement has been dropping significantly in the past year, ever since the new Instagram algorithm changed. 

For a lot of people on these platforms, it’s their main source of income, so of course they are frustrated. However, these platforms are also business’ and at the end of the day, their end goal is to make money.

If you’re looking for organic growth and don’t want to pay for ads, LinkedIn is your best hope.

Lately, LinkedIn has been moving towards a content creation platform. What once used to be a spot to look for jobs, still is, is now a space to create content and their organic growth is staggering. 

From LinkedIns “Your Organic + Paid Playbook”

For the past couple of months, I have been testing different types of content on LinkedIn and I don’t have any followers at all. The content I post on LinkedIn varies from articles, video and pictures. With not following, I get at least 30 to 40 views for each post and one even received over 100 views. But some of my posts’ weren’t getting these results and I’ll explain why. 

  1. LinkedIn is moving towards a content creation platform and here’s the proof

LinkedIn started in 2003 as a very conservative platform, it was a place to expand your resume and cover letter beyond 2 – 5 pages. It wasn’t a place to share content or learn something new, you went on it to find jobs or people to hire. 

However, over the past couple years LinkedIn has been moving towards content creation, still a conservative website, but surely expanding. When you go on their website, you see different forms of content, from photos, articles, video’s and you can like, comment and share, sound familiar? Some people even think it’s starting to look like Facebook, but for business. 

There is even a playbook for organic and paid growth on LinkedIn, where a majority of my information is coming from. So, if you haven’t hopped on the train, hop on now, so you can get in early and reep the benefits. 

Now, let’s get into how you can grow organically on LinkedIn.

  1. Consistency is Key 

A lot of creators are familiar with this concept, posting consistently often brings in better engagement and organic growth. However, lately with Instagram, no matter what you do to please the instagram algorithm gods for organic growth, they somehow shoot you down. 

But, on LinkedIn the algorithm gods reward you, it’s in their “Your Organic + Paid Playbook” I believe I received this in an email when I signed up for LinkedIn, but I’m sure you can find it on their website, this is what it looks like for those who are interested.

Taken from the playbook, you can see that LinkedIn wants you to post at least once a day, you will get better reachability and engagement. 

When I first got on LinkedIn, 5 months ago, I repurposed my articles from my blog on to LinkedIn and the first article got 31 views! For the next couple weeks, I repurposed my blogs again on LinkedIn and my views increased. However, I ended up sleeping on LinkedIn and didn’t post until a couple months later. 

After not posting for a couple months, I went back to LinkedIn, wrote an article on LinkedIn and my reach was not good. The two articles received 4 or 5 views. The algorithm gods were mad at me and it showed. 

As I kept on posting on LinkedIn consistently, my views increased. One article received over 100 views and is still growing, and now I post every day. The content I post is always repurposed content from other platforms such as Instagram photos, YouTube videos, or articles from my website. 

  1. LinkedIn is a great place to repurpose your content 

If you’re not new to the content space, you probably are making tons of content on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Blog/Articles etc. and you know that to grow one platform it takes another platform and LinkedIn is an amazing place to post content from other platforms.

In fact, when you repurpose your content from other platforms with a link, it does better. 

I noticed this with my LinkedIn page, but you might find different results, it doesn’t hurt to test it out. When I wrote articles on LinkedIn versus posting a link, I found that it did not receive a high reach, in addition to not posting consistently. But, as I posted more consistently and added a link my article reached over 100 views, when on average I get from 30 to 40 views. As a result, LinkedIn is a great platform to repurpose your content, this is where I get many of my views on YouTube.

  1. You got the facts, now take action and get in early

Now that you know that LinkedIn is on its way to being a platform for content creation, that if you do what the LinkedIn algorithm gods want you to do, you will be rewarded, unlike other platforms *cough* Instagram and Facebook *cough*. 

Before the LinkedIn algorithm becomes like Instagrams, get in on LinkedIn NOW. Do not wait for the next big thing, this is the next big thing. Whether you’re already creating content now or not, start creating content for LinkedIn before they move heavily into paid growth and you’re complaining about how unfair the algorithm is. 

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