Although it is on the decline, organic growth on instagram is not dead, just yet. If you wish to grow organically on Instagram in 2020, it’s not too late, but it will take a different approach and mindset and I have some steps to help you with that.

The reason I say that growing organically on Instagram will take a mindset shift is because tips and tricks just isn’t enough when it comes to organic growth on Instagram, especially with the algorithmic change and Instagram removing likes. 

Also, people are just way smarter these days, can detect bs when they see it and run away. Here are some tips to help you grow organically on Instagram in 2020.

  1. Actually genuinely care about the people on the platform

This mindset tip will help with the next tip. When I say actually care about the people on the platform, I mean try to understand people from their perspective. 

Stop thinking about yourself and your wants for a moment, think about what people are going through by reading their comments and empathizing with them, celebrate them, understand them.

When you start doing this, you stop thinking about people as just numbers and as actual people. Again, this sounds obvious, but when I help people with social media growth I hear “how do I gain followers” or “ how do I get my followers to engage or share my posts” it feels as though they see followers as a number to get to where they want, it’s selfish and why they can’t grow on Instagram.

  1. Leave a meaningful comment, without promoting yourself. 

This tip is a banger, this got me from 0 to 500 followers in 5 months organically. Now that you are equipped with the right mindset, let’s talk action.

What you want to do is go to the explore page, type a relevant hashtag to your brand, then click on the “recent” tab and leave  meaningful comments. Read every caption, short or long, read it and respond to that caption WITHOUT promoting your own page.

Do not say:

  • Follow for a follow 
  • Like for a like
  • Check out my page for promo
  • Follow for a discount 

Do not write any spammy or sleazy comments because this will automatically make the person dislike you. 

By leaving a meaningful comment that’s all about the person, this will peak that person’s interest and will think “oh who is this”, they will click on your page and look at your posts’. You will gain so much profile visits and if the person likes you, they will follow you. 

  1. Be Grateful AF that that a stranger is following you on Instagram vs the billions of other strangers on the platform 

This tip is practicing being grateful and realizing that your followers chose to follow you out of the billions of accounts on Instagram. According to Statista, there are 1 billion users on Instagram, which is insane.

This mindset is useful for the next tip I’m going to share, but before we get into the next tip, let’s relish in being grateful for the followers you have now, instead of wishing for more followers. 

Your followers are people, they aren’t just numbers, they aren’t dollar signs and I know this is obvious, but sometimes, the obvious facts go over our heads. 

  1. It goes down in the DM’s

Remember when comments were all the hype, the more comments your posts’ get, the higher the chances of your post hitting the explore page and it’s still a valid tip. However, as Instagram is moving away from likes, artificial relationships and towards more meaningful engagement, DM’s is your best friend. 

DM’s are important because it’s a deeper way to connect with your followers, fans, community tribe etc. This is where you can create meaningful engagement and Instagram will take note of this. 

The more meaningful engagement you build, the more the algorithm will favor you, then your followers will be able to engage with your posts’ even more and have a higher chance of hitting the explore page. 

After someone follows you from my last tip, you can hit them up with a little introduction about your brand, yourself, or platform. Again, do not PROMOTE yourself at all, do not promote your products or services, just have a genuine conversation to get to know that person.

Another powerful reason you should use DM’s to your advantage is because when you build meaningful relationships, your followers will want to share your content more because they know, like, and trust you.

DM’s are powerful, don’t forget that.

  1. Story Collabs 

Story collabs are a great way to grow on Instagram. If you have an instagram bestie, DM them to see if they’d like to collab. What you will want to do is pre-record a video about giving tips in your niche/category, then swap with your insta bestie and share it on your story.

This will allow you to reach an entire new audience, have them get to know you, check you out and follow you, if they like what they see. People are more likely to warm up to you this way because they know, like and trust your insta bestie and thus, your barrier of entry is a lot easier. 

Take away:

Give a sh*t about the people on the platform and build meaningful relationships in order to get that juicy organic growth and algorithmic favor.

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