I would be lying if I didn’t say writing my first article post took me nearly two months to write. This is my VERY first article and I wanted to write about confidence because it’s something I still struggle with still and believe many of you do too. Finding the courage to put my thoughts down on paper, or e-paper terrified me, something about it freaks me out. I don’t know if it’s because growing up expressing emotions was weird for me, so I always hid in my books, in small forms of art (I made horrible jewellery and pillows haha), the gym, and so on. I always found ways to keep my thoughts in my head and letting them out through something creative. I know, how cliché of me, but writing them out is the rawest form of expressing my thoughts, in my opinion at least, and the scariest. So, as I found the confidence to write this article, I wanted to share 5 ways you can be more confident to go achieve your dreams!

1. Get out of your head and JUST DO IT!

Nike’s infamous slogan “Just Do It” is one of the reasons Nike has become a billion-dollar industry, therefore there must be truth behind the slogan, right? So many of us are stuck in our minds, telling our selves self-doubt, telling our self we can’t achieve that dream, repeating negativity about ourselves, or saying there are so many people who have done it so how can I possibly reach my dream? These thoughts are holding you back and I want to tell you, get out of this mindset and JUST DO IT.

You will never know if you can achieve your dreams if you don’t try. And, if there are successful who achieved your dream, whether that be a basketball player, actor, or clothing boutique, that means you can be successful too. This dream worked for them, as a result, you will be successful too by bringing your own flare to the table. I love this saying, but just “trust in the process” and as long as you keep going, you will see results.

2. Change your minds mantra – Believe in yourself

Going back to your mindset, if you tell yourself you can’t do it over and over, then you can’t. It’s a fact that your mind controls your body, so if you tell yourself self-doubting things, then you won’t achieve your dreams. Once you shift your mindset, that is when you will see confidence in yourself to go out there and achieve your dreams. A few of my favourite things I say to myself are I know I am awesome and I don’t need others to prove it, I just know it.

  • I will make it happen no matter what.
  • I know I will achieve my goals
  • I know, I can and I did.

3. Physical Activity

I am an avid supporter of going to the gym, this is where I unwind and let my thoughts leave my mind. For me, the gym does not only workout my body into better shape but my mind as well. Another fun fact, when you work out you release endorphins, which are groups of hormones connected to the brain and nervous system, and we all know how hormones can f*ck us up. So, when you release endorphins you’re saying bye to the negativity and bad vibes while sweating out the fat, win win. You do not have to go to the gym, but find a physical activity that stimulates your mind and body.

4. Surround yourself with supportive people

I am also a big supporter of the saying “less is more” and I agree to this when it comes to having less friends are better than having a lot of friends. When you surround yourself with ONLY friends who support you and know how to be real with you without being rude, that’s when you are golden. You are the only one who can determine your confidence, but good friends will be there to help you build that confidence when you are feeling not so confident. When having too many friends, there can be so many distractions, unnecessary drama, and people who don’t have your back when you need it the most.

Take Away

Even though I still struggle with confidence, I am WAY more confident today as a 24-year-old than when I was 15, 18, or even 20. Confidence is something I had to work on for my entire life and I used to be the shy girl in the corner that wanted no attention at all. However, now seeing how far I’ve come, I love myself a lot more, but have my days where I second guess my confidence, but don’t we all?

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